Complete Line for Packaging of Chilled Chicken Products into Tray

Presented complete line is designed for full-cycle in-tray packaging of semi-finished chilled chicken products: liver, gizzard, thigh, chicken breast fillet and others

Product of

The complete line is supplied in accordance with presented below specification:

  1. Feeding conveyor TZ-8PU
  2. Multihead weigher SP14-2S
  3. Belt conveyor TL-6U with a tray denester

Features & Beneftis

  • High-performance and reliable equipment with mains supply transformer proving seamless feeding and removal of the production.
  • High-accuracy multi-head weigher.
  • In-tray complete packaging line for semi-finished chilled chicken products can be adjusted to the production needs of a different type of products.
  • Several operating modes, presets for fast changeover for a different type of products reduce downtime of the line.
  • Weight range- 100-1000 g.
  • Productive capacity of the line-40 dose/min.

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