Complete Line of Accurate Dosing and Packaging of Fresh Cut Salad

The line is designed for accurate dosing and subsequent packaging in a bag of products tending to stick to the surfaces, but capable of sliding down along the corrugated steel surfaces having vertical deviation not exceeding 30º (fresh cut salad and so on).

The complete set of the equipment consists of an automatic packaging machine M3G, a multihead weigher SP14-2Ekb model and a set of service equipment.

Product of

Complete set of the equipment:

  • A multihead weigher is placed on a prefabricated frame and consists of a receiving hopper and 14 weighing flows. The remote control panel with TFT touchscreen and industrial PLC is applied to enter and display settings and statistical data to a printer or local network.
  • Automatic packaging machine M3G is designed to form packages from thermally welded film and filling them with small piece and powder like products.

Additional service equipment:

  • Thermal transfer printer is designed for high quality application of label with frequently changing information (from package to package) (sequential number, barcode, shift number, real time, date of manufacture, expiration date, etc.) on packaging materials, including: film, paper, parchment paper, etc. in START-STOP operation mode. Print area: 53 x 74 mm.
  • Applicator Collomat 4310 is a compact solution for basic tasks of applying the labels on the film moving in a carriage of the packaging machine.
  • Feed conveyor is designed to feed the product to the receiving hopper of the weigher. Speed adjustable equipment, equipped with a product level sensor.
  • Outfeed conveyor is designed to remove ready packages.
  • Accumulating rotary table is designed to accumulate packaged products.

All units of the equipment are made in hygienic design – stainless steel AISI 304


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