Copeland Refrigeration Condensing Unit

Copeland refrigeration condensing unit, 2HP to 15Hp scroll compressor, low and medium temperature, for vegetable, fruit, meat, seafood, etc storage.

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1. Features:

  • Copeland Hermetic scroll compressor
  • Copper tube-Aluminum Fin air cooled condenser
  • High quality Chinese brand refrigeration parts; can be updated to Danfoss brand
  • Box type design, water-proof, dust-proof, quieter
  • Built-in electric components are optional

2. Model code

X   G   12   M   Y

X: Box type

G: Compressor brand: Copeland

12: Compressor nominal power(HP)

M: Temperature: M: -10~+5℃, L: -15~-25℃

Y: Refrigerant: Y: R404A, F: R22

3. Specification

Copeland refrigeration condensing unit: base on condensing Temp 45℃

Temperature: -10~5℃, Refrigerant: R404A

Copeland refrigeration condensing unit XGMY

Temperature: -15~-25℃, Refrigerant: R404A


Main Components

CRYO SYSTEMS Copeland refrigeration condensing unit parts:

① Compressor② Condenser③ Oil heating④ Suction&discharge valves

⑤ In/out pipe connection⑥ H/L pressure gauge⑦ Sight glasses⑧ Solenoid valve

⑨ Diaphragm type pressure switch ⑩ Liquid filter⑪ Liquid receiver⑫ liquid injection valve

XG02MY-XG07MY:Item ①.④.⑤.⑥.⑦.⑧.⑨.⑩.⑪;
XG08M-XG15MY:Item ①.②.③.④.⑤.⑥.⑦.⑨.⑩;optional: ⑧
XG02LY-XG04LY:Item ①.②.③.④.⑤.⑥.⑦.⑧.⑨.⑩.⑪.⑫;
XG05LY-XG15LY:Item ①.②.③.④.⑤.⑥.⑦.⑨.⑩.⑪.⑫;optional: ⑧

Copeland refrigeration condensing unit parts

Technical Diagrams


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