Two leafs automatic sliding door

Two leafs automatic sliding door for cold room, cold storage use, 0.6mm Baosteel color plate steel, strong aluminum door frame systems.

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two leafs automatic sliding door
advantages two leafs automatic sliding door

1. Application:

Food / Industry/ Supermarket/ Storage/ Medicines/ Retail.

2. Design:

(1) Anti-dust guide cover.

(2) Transmission operation

(3) Strong aluminum frame systems.

(4) An aluminum pillar will be added when the door’s wide> 2 m.

(5) Electronic control system: Schneider brand electrical components.

3.Optional accessories:

(1) Bumper

(2) Glass window: with electric heating film.

(No frost on the glass, see inside clearly).

4.Door size:

(1) Consideration:

a. Whether you use a forklift.

b. Product and forklift size.

c. Transportation, one side < 2.3 m is better.

(2)Max size:

Max height= Cold room internal height-400mm

Max wide= (Cold room internal wide-400mm)/2


Different requirements of freezer room have different prices, send your requirement now!


Two leafs automatic sliding door:

√ Long operation life!

√ Best sealing and insulation!

√ Safety device to avoid accident!

√ Convenient and labor cost-saving!

√ Use advanced technology and design!

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