Two ways door

Two ways door for cold room, cold storage, walk in freezer. Easy to open and close. Application of processing room, supermarket.

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For two ways door:
Two ways door features

1. Design

(1) Appearance: designed by German.

(2) Self-closing hinge: convenience to close.

(3) Seal: Silicone Rubber, it is long life-time and eco-friendly.

(4) Window: organic glass, can suffer high impact and vibration.

(5) Frame: make of stainless steel, anti-rust, suitable for wet environment.


2. Material:

Make of stainless steel and PU foam, anti-rust, good insulation, light to open and close.


3. Application of two ways door:

Processing room or workshop channel for food/ industry/ supermarket/ storage/ medicine/ retail, etc…


4. Price:

Different types require different prices, send your requirement now!


Clean door


Two ways door:

√ Easy to open and colse!

√ Beautiful appearance design by German!

√ Make it easier for people and cart to get in and out quickly!

√ Use Stainless steel as surface material, anti-rust, anti-corrosion!

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