Up opening door

Up opening door for cold room, cold storage, walk in freezer, walk in cooler. Best sealing and insulation. Application for food, industry.

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For up opening door:

Up opening door

1. Application

Food/ Industry/ Storage/ Medicine.

2. Applicable environment

Freezer room/ Storage room.

3. Design

(1) Transmission operation system.

(2) Guide rail: Special aluminum alloy rail.

(3) Seal: Suitable temperature, -50℃~+130℃.

(4) Door plate: PU foaming+ Standard aluminum alloy.

(5) Door frame: Imported, effectively prevent freezing.

(6) Electronic control system: Schneider brand electrical components.

4. Optional accessories:

(1)   Bumper

(2)   Glass window: with electric heating film.

(No frost on the glass, see inside clearly).

5. Price

Different requirements require different prices, send your requirement now!


Up opening door:

√ International advanced technology and design!

√ Beautiful appearance!

√ Best sealing and insulation!

√ Long usage lifetime!

√ Safety device to avoid accident!

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