VSHDK: Volumetric Auger Weigher

Products: Coffee, Tea, Grains, & Powders

Weighing Heads: 1

Dose/Min: 10

Dose Weight (g): 0.1 – 3

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Auger weigher is designed for automatic accurate dosing of dusty and powder like products (flour, coffee, milk powder and so on) in ready-made package (flat bottom bag, jar). Filling with weighing increases the accuracy and allows you to change the product type and its weight using control panel.

The weigher consists of a vertical auger, and weighing system.
Installed in the hopper arm mixer prevents arch formation. Auger drive is actuated by an induction motor with a frequency converter to adjust rotary speed in a wide range seamlessly.


Technical Information

Max speed, dose/min, up to: 10
Weighing range, g: 0.1-3
Weight sensitivity, g: 1
Dosing accuracy, up to %: + 0,5
Hopper capacity, l: 300
Tare weight, g: 0,1-5
Power supply: 1 phase, 220 V, 50 Hz
Installed power, kW: 1,5
Dimensions (LxWxH), no more, mm: 2500х1500х2700
Weight, kg (max): 300


Construction Mixes
Household Powders
Powdered Milk


  • Level sensor
  • Screw conveyor with a storage hopper
  • Vibrating table

Features & Beneftis

  • Upon empty container placement, the auger switches. After the threshold weight is achieved, rotary speed decreases and the accurate filling-in is on the way.

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