Walk In Freezer

Walk in freezers with:

  • Panels made of high density PIR/PU foam
  • High efficiency condensing units
  • Standard or custom freezers available

Keep food products safe and under proper storage temperatures.

Product Partners

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A walk in freezer provided by FoodProTec has everything that you will need to complete the project from start to finish. Based on your product specifications, FoodProTec will help determine the requirements for your project.

Standard or Custom Freezers

Do you need a standard, off-the-shelf freezer? FoodProTec can help! However, FoodProTec specializes in custom build freezer applications. Our experience and expertise make us your best choice for your freezer project.

Walk In Freezer Temperatures

Walk in freezer temperature range can be between -20°F – 32°F. The temperature range depends on your product requirements.

Insulated Panel Suggestions

FoodProTec will help you determine what insulated panels will be needed for your project. Panel selection can be tricky and confusing, but do not worry – FoodProTec and our Partners will determine the best possible solution at the best possible price!

We will help you determine:

  • Insulated Panel Material
  • Insulated Panel Thickness
  • Insulation Value Requirements
  • Panel Surfaces, Dimensions, and Colors
  • Fire Resistance and Load Requirements
  • And More!

Construction and Installation

FoodProTec has a dedicated team for construction and installation. We can handle the entire project from design concept all the way to final completion. We are your walk in freezer one stop shop supplier.

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