DOS 2: Weigher for Fruits and Vegetables

Products: Whole Fruits & Vegetables – Processed Fruits & Vegetables

Weighing Heads: 2

Dose/Min: 20

Dose Weight (kg): 5 – 25

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The weigher is designed to form portions of potatoes by weight with further discharge to the receiving hopper of an automatic packaging machine. It consists of four feeding conveyors with two weighing baskets. Two conveyors of precise feeding and two conveyors of accurate feeding meant for loading of small portions in the packaging machine.


Technical Information

Max speed, dose/min, up to: 20 (5 kg) / 18 (10 kg) / 14 (25 kg)
Net weight, kg: 5-25
Power supply: 3 phases, 380V, 50 Hz
Air consumption, no more, Nl/min: 100
Installed power, kW: 2,5
Dimensions (LxWxH), no more, mm: 2900×1060х2300
Weight, kg (max): 800


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