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Food Pro Tec believes in relationships built on honesty, integrity, trust, and transparency. We strive to learn and grow on a daily basis and are not afraid to take on new challenges.

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Our Team

Our management team has over 40 years of experience in the Food Processing and Cold Storage Industries. Together, they have owned and operated food businesses, provided turnkey facility solutions, and integrated complete processing lines to already established production operations.  

Boris Tulman - CEO

Boris has been involved in the food processing industry for over 20 years. He has owned, operated, and sold dumpling/ravioli businesses in the past. He has also been involved in many turnkey facility construction projects both for himself and clients. His specialty is finding the right solution for your need.

Food pro tec management team member

Euguene Tulman - COO

Eugene also has over 20 years of owner/operator and general food processing industry experience. He also has extensive construction management experience alongside his brother Boris. His specialty is operations management and ensuring projects and relationships run according to plan. 

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Jordon Schultz - CIO

Jordon has over 5 years of food processing industry experience in post sales support and service. He is an advanced equipment technician and an expert on internal business software operations. His specialty is connecting all the dots to ensure business runs smooth.

A Few Words About

Our Partners

Our partners are the best in the business. Food Pro Tec requires and maintains a high level of performance internally, and this philosophy translates to the partners that we work with. We know that our reputation is on the line when we partner with organizations, so we thoroughly vet and maintain a close working relationship with all of our partners. 

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Signal Pack

Packaging Equipment

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Gor Stal

Insulated Panels

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Air Quality Systems

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Cryo Systems

Refrigeration Equipment

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Side Pro Tech

Pasta Processing

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Chilltech Corp

Refrigeration Installation

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