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Food Pro Tec believes in providing continual customer support. We know that you are purchasing not only Food Pro Tec equipment, but also our support, which does not end at the completion of your machine sale. Food Pro Tec customer service is just as reliable and dependable as the rugged equipment we supply. 


The start-up marks the first important step in the lifetime of a machine or processing line. A professional installation lays the foundation for optimal use and a long service life of the equipment. Even with good technical competence in-house, it is beneficial if an experienced specialist is available, especially before and during the first hours of operation.

Professional installation helps to avoid initial errors, answers questions from the operating and maintenance staff, explains the handling of the technical documentation and shows what has to be observed when ordering spare parts. Even when recommissioning after overhauls, modifications or longer downtimes, the support of a service technician is always recommended.

Service & Maintenance

The implementation of our maintenance recommendations forms the basis for a long service life of equipment and the achievement of many trouble-free production years. We will gladly assist you, whether it is the delivery of spare parts, the execution of the maintenance together with you, or a full service contract. With our flexible maintenance concept, we adapt to your requirements by integrating several service partners so that we are able to react to your needs at short notice.

Spare Parts

Waiting for spare parts to arrive can be costly. That’s why replacement parts for Food Pro Tec machines are shipped from an extensive inventory in a matter of hours, not days. Have peace of mind when ordering replacement or spare parts for your equipment because our staff knows exactly what you need. 

Training & Consulting

Food Pro Tec Consultant Partners provide professional training courses and consultancy services to meet your needs. We train your staff to the highest standard, to enable them to function effectively and efficiently in today’s business environment. Our comprehensive, hands-on training for the food processing industry is backed by our 100% guarantee. The long-term results for your organization include improved productivity and greater harmony within your company.

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