Insulated Panels

Nowadays, it’s difficult to imagine construction, especially for food processing facilities, cold storage warehouses, storage rooms, freezers, without using insulated panels. Metal insulated panels are the best material for these types of construction projects because they provide:

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • The ability to carry out work even in difficult weather conditions
  • Low investment costs
  • Modern designs
  • Versatility

Insulated panels consist of two claddings made of sheet metal and an insulated core with appropriate thermal insulation and structural design properties. The panels are connected by special structural design connections and insulation-constructional materials. See image below.

FoodProTec has partnered with the Gór-Stal company who has been cooperating with renowned European and Asian steel mills for years. They produce organically coated sheet metal that is subject to constant control both after each production process and after delivery to the warehouse in Gorlice, Poland. Gór-Stal provides its customers with safety and stability of mechanical and insulation parameters due to the unique PIR foam formulation that has been developed and revolutionized over the decades in industry.

Fire Resistant Sandwich Panels
  1. The profiling of the metal cladding makes the walls look aesthetically pleasing
  2. Sealing compound applied at the construction site
  3. A large radius of profiling of the lock ensuring the integrity of the protective coatings
  4. Contoured edges facilitate assembly and increase thermal insulation
  5. Double lock connecting the panels guaranteeing high fire tightness properties
  6. Labyrinth core contact eliminating thermal bridge
  7. Core made of rigid PIR foam with very good thermal insulation and fire properties

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