LVM-80: Automatic Weighing and Labeling Line

Products: Packaged Products

Weighing Heads: 1

Packages/Min: 80

Package Weight (kg): 0.1 – 1

Product of

The LVM-80 line is designed for weighing a piece product with subsequent application of a label with the resulting weight on it.

The line consists of:

  1. An infeed conveyor equipped with easily-adjustable guides to adjust the width of the product;
  2. An acceleration conveyor to provide the necessary interval between the products.
  3. A weighing conveyor.
  4. A conveyor with a printer-applicator. The system provides printing and applying of the label with the weight on the top of the product.


Technical Information

Max speed of weighing and labeling up to: 80 pack/min
Scale capacity (weight/accuracy): 1 kg / 0,1 g
Label method: Air-operated / Stamping
Label size: min 30×30 mm/ max 114х150 mm
Package dimensions (LхWхH): 300x200x80 mm
Protection class: IP54 (Printer IP20)


  • Accumulating conveyor TS41
  • Accumulating roller conveyor with printer for boxes
  • Distribution device
  • Rejection device
  • Metal detector

Features & Beneftis

  • All conveyors are equipped with a cylindrical product passage (to convey sausages), easily-removable and quickly dismountable.
  • A rejection device serves to eject the product which does not meet the specified weight out of the flow.
  • Conveyor belts made of TECAPET (PET- Polyethylene terephthalate) having FDA approval to be used for direct food contact.
  • Parts (bearing housings, drums, axes and so on) made of stainless steel AISI 304.
  • Conveyors are not equipped with the tensions mechanism which excludes possible over tension of the belts during the operation.
  • Bearings in the housings are protected both sides by lip seals, which prevents ingress of
  • agents approved to use with the material. Easily accessible various particles, moisture and conveyed products.
  • Opportunity to clean the conveyors with low pressure cleaning systems applying cleaning and disinfecting to all surfaces of the machine for cleaning.
  • The line consists of several separate assembly units which might be used as a separate piece of equipment or integrated with other equipment.

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