S1: Volumetric Cup Filler

Products: Coffee, Tea, Grains, & Powders

Weighing Heads: 1

Dose/Min: 80

Dose Volume (cm3): 50 – 1700

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Volumetric cup filler is designed for automatic accurate dosing of free-flowing non-dusting products: grains, sugar, coffee beans, salt, etc. Can be integrated with any packaging machine.

The machine consists of based on a frame storage hopper and 6 telescopic cups.

Custom-tailored measuring cups. Manufactured in accordance with the required dose.
Electronic adjustment of the dose allows regulating this process effectively from control panel within ± 30% limit.
Productive capacity of a volumetric cup filler depends on the rotary speed of the cups which is adjusted by a frequency converter.


Technical Information

Max speed, dose/min, up to: 80
Dosing accuracy, up to %: +/- 1-4 GOST 8,579-2002
Dose volume, cm3: 50-1700
Power supply: 1 phases, 220 V, 50 Hz
Installed power, kW: 0,55
Dimensions (LxWxH), no more, mm: 1000х1600х1300
Weight, kg (max): 50


Infant Formula


  • Level sensor
  • Weight control unit
  • Replaceable measuring cups

Features & Beneftis

  • All parametric control is carried out by PLC.
  • PLC is capable to store up to 30 dosing programs therefore minimizing downtime while program switching
  • Cup volume is adjusted automatically upon integration of a volumetric cup filler with UKV check weigher.

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