SPT 200-1000: Mechanical Spiral Freezer System

The Signal Pack Mechanical Spiral Freezer Conveyors are the most efficient freezing, cooling, and warming solution of food products in production facilities. These conveyor systems enable freezing, cooling, and warming of products to required temperatures and help retain product quality.

Temperature range: -70°C to 110°C

Product of

SPT200-1000 Mechanical Spiral Freezer

The mechanical spiral freezer is for a wide range of semi-finished products: dumplings, vareniki, cutlets, meatballs, Luleh Kebabs, pizza, chicken leg quarters, cakes, fish and meat products, stuffed peppers, stuffed cabbages, etc.

  • UNIFORMITY OF FREEZING: The product, moving on a spiral conveyor, constantly rotates and is blown by a cold stream of air from the air-cooling system from all directions.
  • QUALITY AND QUICK FREEZE: Products retain their nutritional, organoleptic properties, appearance and original shape.
  • EXTENDED SERVICE LIFE (UP TO 10 YEARS): Plastic modular belt application enables working within a temperature range from -73 + 110 0 С
  • PERSONNEL OPTIMIZATION: Including the reduction of a number of manual operations.
  • INCREASE IN PRODUCTIVITY: Including the organization of a continuous technological process.



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Technical Information

Max speed, piece/hour: up to 1700
Number of turns: 18
Power supply: 3 phases, 380V, 50 Hz
Dimensions (LxWxH), no more, mm: max 8840х6740х3100


Features & Beneftis


  • Efficient use of production floor space.

  • Controlled airflow ensures a consistently high quality of the cooled bakery products (even distribution of moisture in the product).
  • Maintaining the position and orientation of products on the belt for further cutting and packaging.


  • Intelligent control system. Parameter control in real time mode. Intuitive user interface.

  • Recipe entering and saving, statistics recording, maintenance reminder

  • Sanitary design for the ease of cleaning and hygiene maintenance.

  • Use of components from world leading manufacturers NORD, SKF, OMRON, BITZER, NGB.

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