Storage Hoppers

Storage hoppers are box shaped containers for accumulation and further distribution of products in processing lines during operation or during operational downtime of packaging or other equipment providing seamless process flow.

Product of

The product is loaded into the storage hopper and then fed to the conveyor belt via vibrating trays.

Vibrating trays shut off automatically (with the help of sensor installed) when reaching the set level of product in the storage hopper. This provides constant product level in the storage hopper. The vibration amplitude of each vibrating tray is independently adjusted from the control panel.

Designs of storage hoppers:

1.  On hygienic design

  • Standard painted steel version
  • Hygienic stainless steel design

2.  On outfeed type

  • Direct dumping with a shutter
  • Vibrating conveyor
  • Belt conveyor for the outfeed

3.  On installation type:

  • Stationary
  • Wheel-based, movable

4.  Options:

  • Cover
  • Bars on the top
  • Sifter on the outlet of the outfeed

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